Sports-BettingIf we had one golden rule when it came to sports betting it would be to find value in all of your bets.  You just have to accept that not all of your bets will win.  In fact, you may not be able to break the magic 60% barrier.

If this is the case then what can you do to make sure you profit out of the bets you do choose? This is where value comes in.  When you go through the days games, matches or events there will be some that jump out at you as ideal sports betting candidates.  Now compare these against the odds on offer, I am sure that for the sports you have good knowledge of there will be some where the odds as much higher than you would calculate.  There will also be some where the odds look like a bit of a rip off.

Now these bets where the odds are a bargain are your value bets.  Lets look for example at Brazil taking on Scotland in the World cup (I am sure Scotland will make it to World Cup 2014!) Now it would be usual to see the odds for a Brazil win to be around the 1.2 – 1.3 mark (depending on  the squad fielded).  Lets suppose you are scanning the days odds and see that there are odds of 1.9 available for Brazil to win.  Exciting stuff, there is money to be made here right?  You have found value!

Of course there is much more still to check, is there any team news that has affected the odds?  Are any big players missing? Check all of the factors that you can (start a system to do this).  If you still find no reason for the high odds then you have a value bet.  Maybe the bookie got the odds wrong, or maybe there are a lot of Scottish supporters who like sports betting and are driving the price on a betting exchange?

The point is, if you look for and are strict about finding value bets and taking only these bets you will increase your long term online betting profits.  Our example might be a little extreme, but it is there to make the point.

Don’t get caught up in short term gain bets, sooner or later you will luck out and lose your bank!